Create Email “Signatures That Work!”

If you have not yet read “Resume Tips” on the ajobs homepage, I suggest you do so now. The article stresses that your resume is your Sales Brochure, and that you are selling primarily to Recruiters and Hiring Managers.  Anything you do that makes their job easier will help you too. 

Thus, you want to make it simple for potential employers and others to know who you are, what your focus is, and how to contact you.   In addition, you should use every tool at your disposal to promote yourself and to feature your accomplishments and achievements – that is, Sell Yourself! 

Having an email “Signature that Works” accomplishes those issues.

Every email service (at least the ones with which I am familiar, including Yahoo, AOL, gmail and Outlook) allows you to customize and store an email signature to
be used on all outgoing email.  In addition, if you use your smart phone (iPhone, MS or Android), and/or your iPad or tablet to check email and reply, or to send new emails, you need to have the contact information in your signature on those devices, too, although you may omit the Job Focus.

What to include:
•  Your name as it appears on your LinkedIn profile (for example, John Adams, PMP)
•  Your job focus (for example, Pharmaceutical Sales Professional)
•  Distinction (for example President’s Club, Top 10%) whenever possible
Skip a line
•  Cell phone number
•  LinkedIn URL (but only after you have customized it, see homepage, Tool #2)
•  email address
Be certain the LinkedIn URL and your email address are hyperlinked, so the reader can just click to open new email or to open your LinkedIn profile.

Thus, your signature should resemble these samples: